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AlphaCoin is a Blockchain-based distributed cryptocurrency that is integrated into the ecosystem of all Alpha Capital World products and its partners.

AlphaCoin is designed as a comprehensive solution, with advanced and unique features, to solve the challenges that investors often encounter on the trading exchanges.

Starting with the integration into financial trading platforms, AlphaCoin's vision is to develop a broad and diverse financial ecosystem that uses AlphaCoin as its core means of trading. This enables transactions to be simple and quick to, which increases profits for investors.



Developing a large ecosystem to meet the needs of investors is critical to achieve our vision. AlphaCoin is therefore considered to be the "nuclear element" in the comprehensive ecosystem of Alpha Capital World.


The platform is based on the application of high technologies such as BigData, Cloud Computing, BlockChain, etc., to help investors generate profit through the process of predicting and analyzing cryptocurrency rates in a real market.

  • Uber Guess: You can call Alpha Guess a Uber in the field of exchange rate prediction. Alpha Guess does not impact the price or interfere with cash flow at all. Alpha Guess only connects analysts to each other and performs the order matching tasks.
  • Fee: With each matched transaction, Alpha Guess charges 5%, which is shared with its partners and used for upgrading its platform.
  • Liquidity: Alpha Guess uses APC tokens as a means of predicting exchange rates. Exchange rate Analysts are able to convert APC to USDT in Alpha Exchange and sell USDT on or Alpha Pay Cash at any time.
  • Security & Anonymity: This is absolute because all data on Alpha Guess is end-to-end encrypted to protect the information and assets of the exchange rate analysts, and the clients’ assets from any network attacks.
Alpha Exchange


The AlphaCoin internal trading platform enables investors to liquidate quickly and easily.


The binary option trading platform performs transactions among the leading cryptocurrencies.


The networking connection borrower and lender for the P2P uses Alpha Coin.


The Automatic Prediction Robot Technology, based on Alpha Guess, provides investors with the most accurate order signal.

Alpha Pay


The CryptoCurrency payment portal enables AlphaCoin investors to trade in the most popular cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and BCH.


The cryptocurrency trading platform with hundreds of the most popular cryptocurrencies today.


As the parent company of ALPHACOIN, ALPHA CAPITAL WORLD was founded in 2008 by Russian tycoons and is managed by professional financial managers from the United Kingdom.

Officially licensed under the name APB AITRADING TECHNOLOGY INVESTMENT LTD, headquartered at Apb Aitrading House, 76 Foregate Street, Coddington, United Kingdom on September 3, 1818 with company number 11549113

ALPHA CAPITAL WORLD operates in four key areas of the Industry 4.0 revolution
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Focuses on the study of the applications of artificial intelligence in helping investors increase profitability in financial markets.

  • Technology

    Take advantage of the power of high technology to simplify financial trading tools.

  • Investment

    Research and analyze financial markets to increase assets through investment.

  • BlockChain

    Develop a unique and specialized BlockChain platform for the ecosystem of Alpha Coin.



Safe and transparent

Smart contracts protect your money when trading on the Etheruem BlockChain platform. All transactions can be checked on Blockchain.

A Comprehensive ecosystem

By taking AlphaCoin (APC) as a means of trading, products in ALPHA CAPITAL WOLRD ecosystem will complement each other to accelerate liquidity and increase profitability for investors.

Unaffected by Market Fluctuations

Using USDT as the primary payment method, investors will not have to worry about the fluctuations of the current cryptocurrency market.

Fast and Secure

Alpha Coin (APC) is a completely safe cryptocurrency asset regulated by smart contracts on blockchain Ethereum. Transfering APC tokens and receiving profits are fast and easy thanks to Ethereum ERC-20 technology.

High Liquidity

Alpha Coin (APC) allows for easy purchase of APC via the Alpha Exchange

ERC-20 compatible

Alpha Coin is fully compliant with the world's most popular standard: ERC-20. This makes it compatible with major wallets today such as MyEtherWallet, MetaMask,…This is one of the key factors to promote the widespread use of APC Token.


Initial price

1 APC = 0.5 USDT

Total supply (100%)

110.000.000 APC

Token Protocol

ERC-20, Etheurem Blockchain

After completing the APC token sale, we will not be able to create any new tokens.

Token APC Cashflow Allocation

* 13.000.000 APC for technology (11,71%)

* 12.000.000 APC for Founder and Consultant teams (10,81%)

* 10.000.000 APC APC for long term holding (9%)

* 51.000.000 APC APC to be sold on Quantum Leap Program (45,95%)

* 25.000.000 APC to be sold on Alpha Exchange (22,52%)

(*) Tokens will be allocated to the Founder and Consultant Team for 260 weeks

Cashflow allocation for Token APC phase

25% for research and development

40% for marketing

20% for management and operation

8% for partners

7% for legal matters


No Amount (USDT) Contract(APC) Profit (USDT) Withdrawal
Active Account
Circle (day's)
1 200 Real time 10% Su 200 180
2 5000 Real time 15% Su 200 180

USDT Contract will be converted to APC Contract at the time of the Quantum Leap Program contract.

Profit is paid in APC tokens for the entire Cycle after 24 hours from the time the contract is performed.

After 30 days of contract execution, if the investor does not continue the contract, the entire amount of USDT used to sign the Contract (APC) will be returned to the investor's wallet.


Level 1
  • Criteria
  • Contract QLP min: 200$
  • Personal VGP 200 APC
  • Commission
  • Contract Bonus: 2% Contract QLP of the system
  • VGS Bonus: 0.4% VGS
Level 2
  • Criteria
  • Contract QLP min: 400$
  • At least 3 F1s, min contract of each F1 is 200$
  • Total system Contract Account QLP is 4.000$
  • Personal VGP 200 APC & 4 Active F1s
  • Commission
  • Contract Bonus: 4% Contract QLP of the system
  • VGS Bonus: 0.6% VGS
Level 3
  • Criteria
  • Contract QLP min: 800$
  • At least 3 F1s, min contract of each F1 is 400$
  • Total system Contract QLP is 20.000$
  • Personal VGP 400 APC & 8 Active F1s
  • Commission
  • Contract Bonus: 6% Contract QLP of the system
  • VGS Bonus: 0.8% VGS
Level 4
  • Criteria
  • Contract QLP min: 1600$
  • At least 3 F1s, min contract of each F1 is 800$
  • Total system Contract QLP is 100.000$
  • Personal VGP 1200 APC & 12 Active F1s
  • Commission
  • Contract Bonus: 8% Contract QLP of the system
  • VGS Bonus: 1.0% system VGS
Level 5
  • Criteria
  • Contract QLP min: 3200$
  • At least 3 F1s, min contract of each F1 is 1600$
  • Total system Contract QLP is 500.000$
  • Personal VGP 1600 APC & 16 Active F1s
  • Commission
  • Contract Bonus: 10% Contract QLP of the system
  • VGS Bonus: 1.2% system VGS


Our vision is to develop a broad ecosystem that supports multiple applications and partners. We will provide new enhanced functionality for binary option platforms, cryptocurrency trading platforms and traditional financial services.

Through our strategic partnerships and natural growth over the quarter, we will establish APC Token as a global cryptocurrency standard.

Road Map
Q3 - 2016
  • Do research and finalize the idea of Alpha Coin and Ecosystems
  • Establish the developer team
Q2 - 2017
  • Register business licenses in the UK for four areas: BlockChain, AiTrading, Technology, Investmentt
Q3 - 2018
  • Licensed by the UK with a business code of: 11549113
Q4 - 2018
Nov 2018
  • Issue APC on Quantum Leap Program
  • APC tokens are used as the payment medium of the Alpha Guess, an exchange rate prediction Platform
Dec 2018
  • Issue APC on Alpha Exchange
  • Launch the CryptoCurrency payment portal, Alpha Pay Cash
Q1 - 2019
January 2019
  • Launch Alpha Bot, an Exchange Rate automatic prediction platform on Alpha Guess Platform
  • Launch the product Model S of Alpha Bot
February 2019
  • Set up SmartContract Alpha Coin with code APC on the Ethereum ERC-20 platform
  • Assist investors to withdraw APC on MyEtherWallet and some other ERC-20 based wallets
Q2 - 2019
April 2019
  • Launch a Beta Trial of the binary option platform, Alpha Option
May 2019
  • Launch the official binary option, Alpha Option
June 2019
  • Launch the referral program for the binary option platform, Alpha Option
Q3 - 2019
July 2019
  • ICO APC tokens onto international exchanges
Q4 - 2019
  • List APC on CoinMarketCap.Com
Q1 - 2020
  • Launch a P2P Loan Platform using APC tokens CryptoBanking.Global
Q2 - 2020
  • Launch a trial version of cryptocurrency trading exchange, Alpha Broker
Q3 - 2020
  • Launch the official cryptocurrency trading exchange, Alpha Broker

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

AlphaCoin is a Blockchain-based distributed cryptocurrency that is integrated into the ecosystem of all Alpha Capital World products and its partners.

The initial price of Alpha Coin is 1 APC = 0.5 USDT on the day of launching Alpha Exchange.

Price of APC is frequently updated on Alpha Exchange.

By limiting the purchase of tokens only through USDT, we have increased the level of security and reduced the market impact for Alpha Coin supporters exponentially.

To buy APC Tokens, you only need to have a USDT wallet on

The tokens you buy will be automatically transferred to your wallet when there is a notification confirming the completion of your purchase.

No, we currently don’t have any airdrop or bounty program.

You can keep them on MyEtherWallet (MEW).

You can contact us via telegram or email [email protected]